Sanchi Sculptures

  • The next phase of sculptural development at Sanchi Stupa-1, Mathura, and Vengi in Andhra Pradesh (Guntur District) is noteworthy in the stylistic progression
  • It has four beautifully decorated toranas depicting various events from the life of the Buddha and the Jataka. Sculptures depicting the normal life have also been depicted here.
  • Figure compositions are in high relief, filling up the entire space. Depiction of posture gets naturalistic and there is no stiffness in the body
  • Heads have considerable projection in the picture space. Rigidity in the contours gets reduced and images are given movement
  • Carving techniques appear more advanced than Bharhut. Symbols continue to be used representing the Buddha and the Manushi Buddhas or the past Buddhas
  • The historical narratives such as the siege of Kushinara, Buddha’s visit to Kapilavastu, visit of Ashoka to the Ramgrama Stupa are carved with considerable details

A narrative panel at Sanchi stupa