Painted Grey-Ware (PGW)

  • It is an Iron Age Indianculture of the western Gangetic plain and the Ghaggar-Hakra valley in the Indian subcontinent, conventionally dated 1200 to 600–500 BCE
  • It is characterized by a style of fine, grey pottery painted with geometric patterns in black.
  • PGW culture is associated with village and town settlements, domesticated horses, ivory-working, and the advent of iron metallurgy
  • Pottery generally has a red surfaceand is wheel thrown although handmade ones too exist
  • Polished wares were well
  • Most of the pottery ispolychrome meaning more than two colours are used to colour the pottery.
  • Most of the pottery is such that they usually have flat bases
  • Geometrical designalong with paintings depicting flora and fauna are observe
  • Perforated pottery was also found may be used for straining liquor.
  • Pottery throughout the civilization was uniform (mass thrown) revealing some form of control and leaving less space of individual creativity
  • Presence of luxurious pottery obtained from certain sites reveals economic stratification in the society.

painted grey ware


Designs on Painted Grey ware