Mewar School

  • Mewar is conjectured to be a significant early centre of painting in Rajasthan, from where, hypothetically, one would have been able to formalise a continuous stylistic tradition of painting—from pre-seventeenth century bold, indigenous styles to the subsequent refined and finer style post Karan Singh’s contact with the Mughals.
  • However, long wars with the Mughals have wiped out earliest examples.
  • Therefore, the emergence of the Mewar School is widely associated with an early dated set of Ragamala paintings painted at Chawed in 1605 by an artist named Narain
  • Sahibdin painted the Ragamala (1628), Rasikapriya, Bhagvata Purana (1648) and the Yuddha Kanda of Ramayana (1652).