Malwa School

  • It flourished between 1600 and 1700 CE and is most representative of the Hindu Rajput courts.
  • Its two-dimensional simplistic language appears as a consummation of stylistic progression from the Jain manuscripts to the Chaurpanchashika manuscript paintings.
  • Unlike the specificity of Rajasthani schools that emerged and flourished in precise territorial kingdoms and courts of their respective kings, Malwa School defies a precise centre for its origin and instead suggests a vast territory of Central India, where it got articulated with a sporadic mention of few places, such as Mandu, Nusratgarh and Narsyang Sahar
  • Among the few early dated sets are an illustrated poetic text of Amaru Shataka dated 1652 CE and a Ragamala painting by Madho Das in 1680 CE.