Bundi School of Painting

  • A prolific and distinct school of painting flourished in Bundi in the seventeenth century, which is remarkable for its unblemished colour sense and excellent formal design.
  • Bundi Ragamala dated 1591, assigned to the earliest and formative phase of Bundi painting, has been painted at Chinar in the reign of Bhai Singh (1585–1607), the Hada Rajput ruler.
  • A distinct feature of Bundi and Kota School is a keen interest in the depiction of lush vegetation; a picturesque landscape with varied flora, wildlife and birds; hills and thick jungles; and water bodies.
  • Bundi artists had their own standards of feminine beauty—women are petite with round faces, receding foreheads, sharp noses, full cheeks, sharply pencilled eyebrows and a ‘pinched’ waist.