Basohli School


  • This school of Pahari painting received patronage from Raja Kripal Pal
  • Famous paintings belonging to this school:
    • An artist named Devidasa executed miniatures in the form of the Rasamanjari illustrations in 1694 A.D.
    • An illustration from a series of Gita Govinda painted by artist Manaku in 1730 A.D is another famous example of this school of painting
  • What can be gathered from the above paintings?
    • There is a change in the facial type which becomes a little heavier and also in the tree forms which assume a somewhat naturalistic character, which may be due to the influence of the Mughal painting.
    • There is the use of strong and contrasting colours, monochrome background, large eyes, bold drawing, use of beetles wings for showing diamonds in ornaments, narrow sky and the red border are observable in this miniature.

Indian Paintings

Figure: Devi rides on a Chariot, Basohli, and Pahari School of Painting