Post-Independence architecture

The architecture of this period goes far beyond the range of any particular style. These styles were mostly in consonance with science and modern building techniques which are universally accepted.

  • A unique experiment in this regard was made by Le Corbusier in the development of Chandigarh. The well-ordered matrix of the city has been developed to meet the rising urban challenges (Ex: Traffic congestion)
  • The contribution of Laurie Baker in the mass housing project of Kerala is also worth mentioning in this time period. He used the locally available materials in construction of low-cost houses. He incorporated several of the traditional practices to ensure the building were in consonance with environmental conservation
  • The Goan architect Charles Correa is also another notable architect known for designing Sabarmati ashram, Kanchanjunga apartment tower, planning of Navi Mumbai. He placed emphasis on prevailing resources, energy and climate as major determinants in the ordering of the space

Kanchenjunga apartment tower