Growth and Development of Roads in India


The following plan have been drawn up to develop roadways in India

  1. Nagpur Plan
    • This was the first serious attempt to develop roadways in 1943
    • The plan envisaged at increasing the kilometrage of major roads in India
    • Plan could not be implemented immediately, because the country was ruled by a number of princely states outside of British India
  2. Twenty Year Plan
    • This was drawn in 1961, and it aimed at increasing the road length and density in India
    • It also aimed at bringing villages close to metaled roads in India
  3. The Rural Development Plan
    • This included the construction of rural roads under Minimum Needs Programme, Rural Landless Employment Guarantee Programme, Jawahar Rojgar Yojana, etc.
  4. Build Operate transfer(BOT)
    • This is a scheme under which private operators are invited to construct roads and bridges
    • The private players are allowed to collect toll for the usage of Infrastructure, post which the assets are transferred to the Government