Resource mobilization

Mobilizing is the process of assembling and organizing things for ready use or achieving a collective goal. Mobilization of resources should also be seen in the same context. Mobilization of resources means freeing up of locked resources. Every country has the economic resources within its territory not be available for collective use. The percentage of resources used when compared to the potential is often very low. For a country to grow, identification and mobilization of its resources is necessary. It should be available for easy use and for central and state level planning.

Resource mobilization is a process, which will identify the resources critical for the development, implementation and continuation of work for achieving the national mission. In real terms, Resource mobilization means expansion of relations with the resource providers, the skills, knowledge and capacity of proper use of resources.

All activities undertaken by a start-up or an organization to secure new and additional financial, human and material resources to advance its mission. Inherent in efforts to mobilize resources is the drive for organizational sustainability.

Resource mobilization advocates upon having the right type of resource, at the right time, at right price with making right use of acquired resources thus ensuring optimum utilization of the same.