Concept of social sector and social infrastructure

Social infrastructure includes the construction and maintenance of facilities that support social services. These can include healthcare (medical facilities and ancillary infrastructure), education (schools, universities and student accommodation), and housing.

Examples of Social Infrastructure Assets

HealthMedical facilities
Ancillary infrastructure (e.g. offices, carparks, training facilities)
EducationSchools (primary and secondary)
Tertiary facilities
Residential student accommodation
HousingState or Council housing
Defense force housing
Civic and UtilitiesCommunity & sports facilities
Local government facilities
Water and wastewater treatment
TransportBus stations
Park and rides
Availability-based roading (excluding demand-risk toll roads)
Corrections and JusticePrisons

The Social Infrastructure in India includes the education system in India, health care, the management of the education and health services in India that form the basic social infrastructure definition. The India government looks after the social development in India by careful infrastructure planning and handling the social issues in close coordination