8. Challenge – 8

QUESTIONS: 28/10/2013 (Paper-I)

  1. “Medieval Indian towns were merely an extension of villages.” Comment (150 Words)
  2. Evaluate Rajatarangini a source of history (150 Words)
  3. Discuss the Caurapancashika and Jain styles of paintings. Can the Caurapancashika be called the precursor of pothi format? (200 Words)


7. Challenge – 7

QUESTIONS: 26/10/2013

  1. “The Charter Act of 1833 rung down the curtain on the Company’s trade and introduced a new form of government in India.” Substantiate. (200 Words)
  2. “The Vernacular press in nineteenth century India served not just as newspapers, but more importantly as views-papers.” Comment. (200 Words)
  3. “Whoever say Industrial Revolution, says cotton.” Comment. (200 Words)


6. Insights Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day – 6

QUESTIONS: 25/10/2013

  1. How did the East India company become thedejure power in India? (300 Words)
  2. Why did Vietnam go through thirty years of war after the second World War? (300 Words)


5. Insights Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day – 5

QUESTIONS: 24/10/2013

  1. “The announcement of the creation of People’s Republic of China on October 1, 1949 by Mao Zedong ended the Civil War between the Chinese Communist Party and the Nationalist Party (KMT).” Elaborate (300 Words/2012)
  2. “The Arab nationalism had a peculiar character. It stood for national independence of separate Arab states as well as for the unity of all Arabs irrespective of their state boundaries.” Examine (300 Words/2012)


4. Insights Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day – 4

QUESTIONS: 22/10/2013 (Paper-II, Topics: European business enterprise; Social and Religious Reform movements in Bengal and Other Areas)

  1. “Plantations and mines, jute mills, banking, insurance, shipping and export-import concerns in India were run through a system of interlocking managing agencies.” Critically examine (150 Words)
  2. “The contact of the new Indian middle class with the West proved to be a catalyst. The social and religious movements launched by Rammohan or Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar have to be understood in this context.” Elaborate (300 Words)


3. . Insights Daily Answer Writing Challenge –  Day – 3

QUESTIONS: 21/10/2013 (Paper-II, Topics: American Revolution and the Constitution;  The World after World War II)

  1. How far is it correct to say that every feature of American constitution was ultimately of English origin? (200 Words)
  2. “Europe faced peace in 1945 politically disorganized and economically crippled.” Elaborate (300 Words)


2. Insights Daily Answer Writing Challenge –  Day – 2

QUESTIONS: 19/10/2013 (Paper-II: Economic Impact of British Colonial Rule(b); 9.Women and Indian youth and students in Indian politics (1885-1947);14.Dalit movements)

  1. “Railway development in India provides an interesting instance of private enterprise at public risk.” Critically evaluate. (200 Words)
  2. “The active participation of Aruna Asaf Ali in 1942 movement symbolized the role of women in India’s freedom struggle.” Critically evaluate. (200 Words)
  3. Discuss the factors that led to the growth of Dalit consciousness and mention the major movements aimed at their improvement. (300 Words)


1Insights Daily Answer Writing Challenge – 18/10/2013 (HISTORY) Day – 1

QUESTIONS: 18/10/2013 (Paper-II – History)

  1. “Though the Permanent Settlement had serious defects, it gave tranquility to the countryside and stability to the government.” Comment. (200 Words/2009)
  2. How did social legislation in the nineteenth century improve the condition of women in India? (300 Words/2009)
  3. “In all the long annals of imperialism, the partition of Africa is a remarkable freak.” Comment (200 Words/2009)