Reforms suggested to address the issues associated with Elections in India

The law commission of India’s suggestions:

  • The political parties should be brought under the ambit of the RTI.
  • There should be internal democracy in political parties.
  • greater financial accountability of parties
  • opening party affairs to public
  • experimenting with State Funding of election model to check black money in elections; among others.

The government has taken following actions as per the recommendations of ECI and law commission-

  • NOTA was introduced to provide an alternative to the voters.
  • Limitation on funding to political parties, Electoral bond was introduced to improve the transparency in electoral funding.

However, on Govt’s part, except for the recent proposal for electoral bonds and the ceiling on cash donations from anonymous sources, the Parliament has rejected other proposals with following excuses:

  • Under vindictive politics candidates often try to sabotage the rival candidates with false complaints
  • EC cannot be a body at par with the judiciary to try for contempt
  • suggesting RoPA to be more than sufficient a measure to tame erring legislators etc.