Recommendations of Second ARC Report:


  • Wide consultation process: CC be formulated after extensive consultations within the organization followed by a meaningful dialogue with civil society.
  • Participatory process: Include Civil Society in the process: to assist in improvement in the contents of the Charter, its adherence as well as educating the citizens about the importance of this vital mechanism.
  • Firm commitments to be made: CC must be precise and make firm commitments of service delivery standards to the citizens/consumers in quantifiable terms wherever possible.
  • Redressal mechanism in case of default: clearly lay down the relief which the organization is bound to provide if it has defaulted on the promised standards of delivery.
  • One size does not fit all: formulation of CC should be a decentralized activity with the head office providing only broad guidelines.
  • Periodic updation of CC: preferably through an external agency.
  • Fix responsibility: Hold officers accountable for results: fix specific responsibility in cases where there is a default in adhering to the CC.

Recommendations of Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA):

  • Need for citizens and staffto be consulted at every stage of formulation
  • Orientation of staffabout the salient features and goals/ objectives of the Charter
  • Need for creation of database on consumer grievances and redress.
  • Need for wider publicity of the Charter
  • Earmarking of specific budgets for awareness generation