Scope of Public Service

The role of public service is changing with time due to the emergence of complex administrative problems. Its scope is widening and one cannot think of all-round development without effective public service. Some of the visible changes are as follows;

  • Transition from ‘Traditional” to ‘Modern’ State – After World War II, priorities of modern state have changed from ‘warfare’ to ‘welfare’, which got reflected into public administration by its transition from ‘law and order’ orientation to ‘developmental’ orientation.
  • Growth in the Functions of Public Services – Public officials are now required to perform various tasks and duties in addition to their tradition duties such as advising ministers on policy issues. They are now required to supervise various aspects of administrative, technical and scientific programmes etc.
  • Modern State – Even in market economy, many public services are majorly provided by the state due to its welfare commitments. For example, even in developed states like US,UK etc. states are primarily investing in providing education and health services