• Identifying one’s own self – In absence of right understanding of self, one would naturally attempt to fulfil every desire appearing in mind even unethical ones. Value education helps one to differentiate between ethical and unethical desires.
  •  Identifying the aspiration of self – One must attempt to identify the aspirations of the self in the light of ethical values. Value education helps in identifying such skills and aptitudes, which can required to realize such aspirations.
  •  Holistic Approach – While committing to action for actualization of one’s goals, every action needs to be analysed in the light of universal values which are acceptable to the society . Such actions should not be harmful towards the nature, ecology and life as a whole. Value education is a guide to the students in the direction of universal happiness or goodwill towards everyone.
  •  Technology and Value Education – Technology is a giant capable of meaningful construction and even meaningless destruction, thus value education is needed to train the future technocrats by making them fully aware of both the constructive as well as destructive aspects of technology.