Human values in Jainism

  • Non-violence Killing or harming any one physically or by the words of mouth, both are strictly abandoned by Jains. The conduct of non-violence helps in spiritual development which helps in one’s salvation and release from rebirth.
  • Non-Attachment – It concentrates on non-possession of worldly things or property. According to them, Attachments may result in the direct harm to individual personality.
  • Asceticism– Jainism follows strongest asceticism. Such life means nakedness or non-possession of even clothes, keeping fasts, body mortification etc. to be free from old Karma and a restraint on new Karma. Mahavira has set an example of a good ascetic life by adopting severe austerities for twelve years.
  • Not stealing – A Jain mendicant should always take necessary permissions to get anything from others and only accept those things which are given voluntarily by others. They are strictly opposed to theft and stealing.
  • Celibacy – It refers to being away from sex and sensual pleasures for Jain monks and nuns. But for laypersons or followers, it means complete fidelity in marital relationship.
  • Meditation Meditation is a form of austerity and ascetic practice. It means one has to be pure. One must leave selfishness and concentrate on enhancing knowledge.
  • Morality and virtues– One must live a good life as well go higher to divine perfection. To avoid pain and loss in living beings, practice of Dharma is most essential. Some of the virtues of Jainism are humility, purity, non-attachment, self-restraint, super forbearance, straight forwardness, truthfulness and complete renunciation etc.
  • Equality of men and women– Jainism aims to provide knowledge and wisdom to all men and women to build their character by practicing some discipline in their student life. As per their philosophy women should obtain respect and honour from their fathers, brothers, husbands and even brother-in-law.
  • Education – It is quite integral and intrinsic in life which goes beyond mere acquisition of knowledge. Education means knowledge, vision and building a good sound character which aims to achieve liberation. Jainism way of life is to educate on our own to get quality soul which will lead us to perfection and liberation from all worldly sorrows.