Emotional Intelligence – concepts and their utilities and application in administration and governance

One of the most important and fundamental aspects of the human experience is our capacity to experience emotions. Without this, our existence would have been uni-dimensional and nowhere as rich and vibrant as it is.

We experience joy and pleasure when we achieve something, become sad when we lose and get frustrated when things don’t turn out the way we want it. All these are manifestation of diverse emotions that we experience. Now, let’s understand the concept of emotion.

Decoding Emotion

Woodworth defines Emotion as a stirred-up state of an organism that appears as feelings to the individual himself and as a disturbed muscular and glandular activity to an external observer.

Common emotions experienced are joy, happiness, anger, sadness etc. For instance, whenever we spend time with loved ones, we feel happiness and contentment whereas discords in inter-personal relationship bring sadness and grief.