Conservation of Mangroves


The State Forest Report 2019 mentions the following conservation techniques for Mangroves:

-The state of Gujarat uses direct seed sowing, raised bed plantations, and fishbone channel plantations to restore degraded mangroves.

-State of Andhra Pradesh has established Eco-DEvelopment Committees and Van Samrakshan Samithi to implement conservation projects in mangrove areas.

-The state of Maharashtra has been implementing restoration, protection, regeneration, and maintenance techniques to conserve mangroves.



  • The organization Global Mangrove Alliance (GMA) is supporting the target of increasing mangrove coverage by 20 percent over current extent by 2030.
  • Mangroves for the Future (MFF) is an initiative co-chaired by IUCN and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). It is held that the organisation is “running mangrove restoration and sustainable development projects with gender integration as a core strategy in several Asian countries. Participatory, community-based project approaches ensure that women’s and men’s voices are considered equally and aim to improve women’s social and economic empowerment”.
  • Case Study The Guyana Mangrove Restoration Project is another bright example. It saw women take a central leadership role with their efforts to increase the resilience of Guyana’s coasts against flooding and coastal erosion. Women were most severely impacted upon by coastal flooding and erosion of Guyana’s coast. Women were provided with resources for economic empowerment and capacity building trainings. As a result of these positive measures, women got positively involved with various activities like honey production, tourism activities and mangrove cultivation. The active participation of women catalysed the formation of a women-led volunteer organisation for mangrove awareness and restoration as well as the ‘Mangrove Cooperative Society’ to support other women with training and resources on activities like beekeeping.