Joint Forest Management

  • This programme furnishes a good example for involving local communities in the management and restoration of degraded forests.
  • The programme has been in formal existence since 1988 when the state of Orissa passed the first resolution for joint forest management.
  • JFM depends on the formation of local (village) institutions that undertake protection activities mostly on degraded forest land managed by the forest department.
  • In return, the members of these communities are entitled to intermediary benefits like non – timber forests produce and share in the timber harvested by successful protection.
  • Certain societies revere a particular tree which they have preserved from time immemorial.
  • g. The Mundas and the Santhals of Chotanagpur region worship Mahua and Kadamba trees and the tubes of Orissa and Bihar worship the Tamarind and many trees during weddings.