Ecosystem-Types, Components

Types of Ecosystem:

We can classify ecosystems as follows:

Ecosystem-Types, Components

Natural Ecosystems:

These ecosystems are capable of operating and maintaining themselves without any major interference by man.

A classification based on their habitat can further be made:

  • Terrestrial ecosystems: forest, grassland and desert.
  • Aquatic ecosystems: freshwater ecosystem, viz. pond, lake, river and marine ecosystems, viz. ocean, sea or estuary. Aquatic ecosystems are ecosystems present in a body of water.

These can be further divided into two types, namely:

  • Freshwater Ecosystem
  • Marine Ecosystem

Freshwater Ecosystem

  • The freshwater ecosystem is an aquatic ecosystem that includes lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, and wetlands.
  • These have no salt content in contrast with the marine ecosystem.

Marine Ecosystem:

  • The marine ecosystem includes seas and oceans.
  • These have a larger salt content and greater biodiversity in comparison to the freshwater ecosystem.

Artificial Ecosystem:

These are maintained by man. These are manipulated by man for different purposes, e.g., croplands, artificial lakes and reservoirs, townships and cities.