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Free IAS Preparation Material from Insights

Below are the links where you can download some useful free IAS exam preparation materials that were created on Insights or by Insights. We will be updating this section with more in coming days – especially our Secure Compilations! for Mains – 2015 exam.

You can also download our daily current events in PDF format from Current Events section by clicking PDF button given above each post. We haven’t compiled them into monthly ‘magazines’ due to some reasons.

All Previous Compilations at One Place, CLICK HERE

INSTA Revision Modules for Prelims 2020(PDF Files)

  1. Economy 
  2. Environment
  3. Government Schemes
  4. Polity
  5. International Relations
  6. Economic Survey 2019-20
  7. Art and Culture
  8. Society
  9. Science & Technology

INSTA Revision Modules for Prelims 2020 PART – II (PDF Files)

  1. Economy

RTM Revision Through MCQs

InsightsIAS Static Quiz

Current Affairs

Current Affairs in Hindi