Punishment clause under NDMA 2005

  • The DM Act immensely empowers the NDMA and the central government. So much so that regardless of any law in effect, the Central Govt can issue instructions to any authority anywhere in India to assist and contribute in disaster management. Failure to follow such directions leads to violation of the act.
  • The Act comprises 79 sections and 11 chapters. And Chapter 10 of the Act deals with ‘Offences and Penalties’.
  • Under Section 51, anyone refusing or failing to follow orders is liable for punishment with imprisonment up to one year, or fine, or both.
  • Article 52 guarantees imprisonment for almost two years and a fine on any person making false claims to gain relief benefits. Article 54 enforces imprisonment of one year or a fine on anyone circulating false alarms about the severity of a disaster.
  • These two articles of the act, i.e. Article 52 and 54 have gained importance in the recent times. This is because, lately, a lot of news and updates about COVID have been flooding social media platforms which fail to check the credibility of the news.