General Studies-2014: Daily Answer Writing Challenge – 49

ARCHIVES 30 October 2014 1) In the post -Second World War scenario friends in war did not remain friends in peace. Examine the truth of this view in the period of your study. (200 Words) Reference 2) The American War of Independence “deprived Great Britain of one empire, but it strengthened the foundations of another (French). Examine. …

General Studies-2014: Daily Answer Writing Challenge – 48

ARCHIVES 29 October 2014 1) The Great Depression (1928-34) was attended by momentous consequences in the economic as well as in the political sphere. Comment. (200 Words) Reference Reference-2 2) Marxian Communism is primarily the offspring of German Hegelianism and French Socialism. Examine. (200 Words) Reference

General Studies-2014: Insights Daily Answer Writing Challenge – 46

ARCHIVES 27 October 2014 1) Examine the causes of the Russian Revolution of 1917 and indicate its significance in world history. (200 Words) Reference-1 Reference-2 2) The roots of the rise of Fascism lay in Peace Treaties. Examine. (200 Words) Reference-1 Reference-2 3) The French Revolution attacked privileges and not property. Comment. (200 Words) Reference

General Studies-2014: Daily Answer Writing Challenge – 31

ARCHIVES 04 October 2014 1) The writings of the philosophers had a tremendous influence on the minds of the people and created a revolutionary awakening in their minds and formed the intellectual creed of the French Revolution. Examine. (200 Words) Reference 2) Analyse the factors for the collapse of Soviet Communism and Soviet Union during 1985-1991. (200 …

General Studies-2014: Daily Answer Writing Challenge – 30

ARCHIVES 03 October 2014 World History 1) Critically analysis the cause and the results of the Chinese revolution of 1949 and analyse its significance. (200 Words) Reference 2) ‘The Russian Revolution (1917) was an economic explosion hastened by the stupidities of the autocratic Government’. Comment. (200 Words) Reference

General Studies-2014: Daily Answer Writing Challenge – 29

ARCHIVES 01 October 2014 World History 1) France was more fertile than Britain in producing new Socialist theories and movements, though they bore less concrete results in France than in Britain. Examine (200 Words) Reference 2) New imperialism was a nationalistic, not an economic phenomena. Examine. (200 Words) Reference – 1 Reference-2 3) Discuss the main characteristics of …

General Studies-2014: Daily Answer Writing Challenge – 28

ARCHIVES 30 September 2014 World History 1) In the long run, the Locarno Treaty (December 1925) was descriptive both of the Treaty of Versailles and of the Covenant. Examine. (200 Words) Reference 2) Most of the European Revolutions of 1848 were nationalist as well as popular insurrection against foreign rule and repressive policy of Metternich. Comment (200 …

General Studies-2014: Daily Answer Writing Challenge – 27

ARCHIVES 29 September 2014 World History 1) Discuss the emergence of neo-imperialism in the late nineteenth century. (200 Words) Reference Reference-2 2) The capitalism which gave the European empires their apparent solidarity and permanence also hastened their downfall. Comment. (200 Words) Reference-1 Reference-2  

General Studies: Daily Answer Writing Challenge – 25

ARCHIVES 26 September 2014 World History 1) How did the policy of appeasement escalate the problem of Nazi aggrandizement? Explain. (200 Words) Reference 2) “By 1914, the sick man of Europe was no longer just Turkey : it was Europe itself.” Explain. (200 Words) Reference

General Studies – Daily Answer Writing Challenge – 23

ARCHIVES 23 September 2014 World History: 1) Was German unification achieved more by ‘coal and iron’ than by ‘blood and iron’? Examine. (200 Words) Reference 2) Any single explanation for the outbreak of the First World War likely to be too simple. An amalgam of factors intellectual, social, economic as well as political and diplomatic contributed to …

Insights Daily Answer Writing Challenge – Day 57

QUESTIONS: DAY-57 (GENERAL STUDIES PAPER II, Topics – political philosophies like communism, capitalism, socialism etc.- their forms and effect on the society; World history – redrawal of national boundaries) “The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.” Comment on the main criticisms of capitalism. (250 Words) “The Vietnam …

Study Material For UPSC Mains World History Topics

The following documents are of advanced nature on the world history topics.  These are given keeping in mind the UPSC’s recent trend of asking difficult questions.  This post will be updated as and when relevant material is available.   Important Topics from World History Revolutions  European Domination  Imperialism  The Second World War Decolonization and Cold …