The Power of Practice – understand how ignoring practice is costing your success! by Vinay Sir

  In the context of preparing for the UPSC Civil Services exam, “hard work” is often equated with the quantity of books read and the frequency with which they have been read. The ability to take effective notes is also considered as a factor contributing to the definition of “hard work.” However, this approach is …

ACE THE PRELIMS WITH CONFIDENCE – A Confidence Booster and last minute tips session for Prelims 2022 by Vinay sir

    Dear students, With Prelims Exam 2022 round the Corner, we believe you all have been doing well! Staying calm and composed, maintaining the right state of mind and managing the 2 hours well on the examination day, are a few of the key factors to clear the prelims exam at ease. In this …

[ Video ] FACE PRELIMS, DON’T LET IT FAZE YOU – Vinay sir, Founder & Director, Insights IAS

    The countdown has begun! Two weeks to go for Prelims 2022– an exam that will put you in an extraordinary position. In this video, Our Founder & Director, Mr. Vinay GB, has a special message for you all and has answered the common questions & dilemmas that most aspirants go through in the …

[Mission 2022] InstaMotivation@9pm – The story about one great mystic, Milarepa

  There is a story about one great mystic, Milarepa: When he went to his Master in Tibet, he was so humble, so pure, so authentic, that other disciples became jealous of him. It was certain that he would be the successor. And of course there was politics, so they tried to kill him. One …

[Mission 2022] InstaMotivation@9pm – See It Through Edgar Guest

When you’re up against a trouble,     Meet it squarely, face to face; Lift your chin and set your shoulders,     Plant your feet and take a brace. When it’s vain to try to dodge it,     Do the best that you can do; You may fail, but you may conquer,     See it through!   Black may be …

[Mission 2022] InstaMotivation@9pm – Ozymandias  BY PERCY BYSSHE SHELLEY

I met a traveller from an antique land, Who said—“Two vast and trunkless legs of stone Stand in the desert. . . . Near them, on the sand, Half sunk a shattered visage lies, whose frown, And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command, Tell that its sculptor well those passions read Which yet survive, …


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