RBI payout to Government

Facts for Prelims (FFP) Source: TH   Context: The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has tripled its payout to the Indian government, deciding to transfer ₹87,416 crores as surplus for the accounting year 2022-23 (nearly three times the ₹30,307 crores transferred in the previous fiscal year) Also, RBI has increased the Contingency Risk Buffer to …

Climate Reparations

Facts for Prelims (FFP) Source: DTE  Context: A new study has found that the world’s top 21 fossil fuel companies owed over US $ 5 trillion in climate reparations, to be disbursed over a 26-year period from 2025 to 2050. The companies with the highest reparations: ExxonMobil, Saudi Aramco, and Shell. About Climate reparations:

Tipping Points

Facts for Prelims (FFP) Source: TH  Context: A study suggests that climate change could push up to 30% of species over tipping points as their geographic ranges experience unforeseen temperatures.   About Tipping Points:

Pangenome Map

Facts for Prelims (FFP) Source: TH  Context: A pangenome reference map has been built using genomes from 47 anonymous individuals from Africa, the Caribbean, the Americas, East Asia, and Europe.   About Pangenome Map


Facts for Prelims (FFP) Source: TH Context: The Ministry of Education organised a workshop with the aim of unifying the 60 school examination boards operating in different States and union territories under one umbrella.  The main component of this plan is PARAKH or the National Assessment Centre which has been set up as an organisation …

International Museum Expo 2023

Facts for Prelims (FFP) Source: PIB  Context: The Prime Minister inaugurated the International Museum Expo 2023 in New Delhi to celebrate the 47th International Museum Day (IMD). Also, India will have the world’s largest museum, Yuge Yugeen Bharat, that will capture 5,000 years of India’s history.   More about Museums:

Disposable Diapers

Content for Mains Enrichment (CME) Source: TH Disposable diapers are single-use, absorbent diapers made of materials like plastic, absorbent polymers, and soft fibres. They are commonly used for infants and young children as a convenient alternative to cloth diapers.   Scientists have found a unique solution to make building materials cost-effective and environmentally friendly by …

Bushfire Management Program

Content for Mains Enrichment (CME) Source: DTE Bushfire is a wildfire that occurs in bushland or forested areas. It is characterized by uncontrollable flames that rapidly spread and can cause significant damage to vegetation, wildlife, and property.   Australia faces frequent bushfires due to its hot and dry climate, flammable vegetation like eucalypt forests, weather …

Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC)

GS3/GS2  Syllabus: E-Commerce/ Governance   Source: TH  Context: The article analyses the advantages and challenges of adopting an Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) in India.   What is ONDC?  The Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) is a government initiative aimed at transforming the e-commerce market in India by shifting from a platform-centric model …

Forum for India Pacific Islands Cooperation (FIPIC)

GS Paper 2  Syllabus: International Relations   Source: TH  Context: Addressing the opening session of the FIPIC-3 summit (in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea/PNG), the PM of India highlighted the importance of the 14 members of the FIPIC.   The Pacific Island Countries (PICs): It consists of the 3 major groups of islands: Melanesia, Micronesia …

Judicial recusals

 GS Paper 2 Syllabus: Structure, Organization and Functioning of the Judiciary   Source: TH  Context: Calling it an attempt to indulge in ‘bench hunting’, a former SC judge refused (last week) to recuse himself from hearing a plea.   What is recusal? It is the act of declining to take part in an official activity, …


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