Facets of IVC yet to be Ascertained

  • Harrapan script has yet to be deciphered: reasons for this are:-
    • Most of the other ancient civilizations that have a true writing system show long writings (more than 100 characters) but the longest Harappan script shows less than 30 characters.
    • Rosetta stone inscription was found written in two Egyptian scripts and one in ancient Greek script, and that helped in the language decoding, but no such multi-lingual script has been found for Harappan script.
  • Origin of IVC: Not much is known about IVC people origin, where they came from, what language they spoke, what kind of social organization or rulers they had, or what their names were
  • The extent of IVC: New excavations show:
    • Rakhigarhi was a bigger city than either Mohenjo-Daro or Harrapa, two sites in Pakistan previously considered the center of the Indus civilization.
  • The reason for the decline of IVC is still inconclusive: The IVC declined around 1800 BCE but the actual reasons behind its demise are still debated.
  • Linkage of IVC to southern civilization: Excavations and made from sites in Tamil Nadu over the past two years studies of the Indus Valley script and the Tamil-Brahmi script – the precursor of contemporary Tamil – suggest that there may have there might have been an urban, Bronze age civilization in India’s southern region. It also suggested that after the collapse of the Indus civilization, the remaining members of the civilization migrated south. But the findings are still disputed.