Land reforms undertaken

The process of land reform after independence basically occurred in two broad phases.

  • The first phase also called the phase of institutional reforms started soon after independence and continued till the early 1960s focussed on the following features:
  • Abolition of intermediaries like zamindars, jagirdars, etc.
  • Tenancy reforms involving providing security of tenure to the tenants, decrease in rents and conferment of ownership rights to tenants
  • Ceilings on size of landholdings
  • Cooperativization and community development programmes.
  • The second phase beginning around the mid- or late 1960s saw the gradual ushering in of the so-called Green Revolution and has been seen as the phase of technological reforms.
    • Digitisation of land records:
      • Making land records available to all, to contain/check property frauds, became one of the objectives of the government of India in the late 1980s.
      • To address the same, the Digital India Land Records Modernisation Programme (DILRMP) was launched by the government of India in August 2008