The Impact of information and communication technology in agriculture 


  • Information technology is a tool for direct contribution to agricultural productivity and is an indirect tool for empowering agriculturalists to take informed and quality decisions, which will have positive impact on agriculture and allied activities conducted
  • In India, it has made an impact on how information is shared, and being able to use this information for the advancement of the agricultural sector gives a great positive impact that is beneficial for everyone.
  • Agricultural biotech and InfoTech together are helping to create new tools to tackle the problem of rural poverty, generate employment in farm production, exploring more income generating opportunities as well
  • Also, different IT interventions support rural and under-developed markets to become efficient and productive, for innovative methods in agriculture, such as for precision agriculture, computerized farm machinery etc.
  • Access to price information, access to agriculture information, access to national and international markets, increasing production efficiency are all the beneficial outcomes, which can eventually enhance the quality of farmers’ lives