Constrains in e-technology implementation


Financial Implications

    • It is a big challenge to bring rural India on a communication highway keeping in mind the diversity that they have in terms of language, culture, geographical limitations, and poor knowledge base.
    • Moreover, with limited exposure and expertise of rural populace, it is a momentous challenge to educate them in handling and usage of modern communication tools and services

Inadequate access to telecommunication infrastructure

    • Marred by poor infrastructure and flawed implementation, rural populace is still years behind their urban counterparts when it comes to comparison of quality and access level of ICT services

Access to hardware

    • The access to e-technology is primarily dependent on the availability and access to hardware equipment like smartphones and computers along with the network connectivity.
    • Further, if the equipment is available, the information access should also be available at equitable cost.
    • This creates a digital divide between those having the access and those not having the access to the digital services due to the financial constraints

Language and content limitations

    • The main hurdle in utilization of information by rural populace is the absence of content in their regional languages
    • Although, sufficient work is being done in this regards, the efforts aren’t sufficient enough to absorb the agriculture dependent population completely