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[ Reminder ] MARGADARSHAN : INSIGHTS IAS PSIR CRASH COURSE 2024 | Starts tomorrow(11th July 2024)

PSIR Crash Course 2024



Starts on 11th July 2024

Mode: Online & Offline(Delhi)

Fee: Rs. 12500/-

Early Bird Discount : 10% till 7th July 2024


Dear Student,

We are glad to launch – Margadarshan : Insights IAS PSIR Crash course for Mains 2024,a game-changer for aspirants aiming to enhance their understanding and performance in PSIR.

This intensive course is designed to cover the vast syllabus of PSIR in a concise and effective manner. It focuses on key topics, theories, thinkers, and contemporary issues relevant to the UPSC mains exam.

Margadarshan will be handled by our faculty Mr. Nikhil K Gowda who has played a major role in many toppers securing high marks in PSIR – Shri Anshul Bhatt AIR 229(2023), Miss Diya Das Gupta AIR207 (2023) , Shri Gaurav Yadav AIR234 (2023) , Shri Abhishek Anshu AIR604(2023) , Miss Suma AIR635(2023) , Shri Anilin jobi AIR664(2023), Shri Thejas N AIR668(2023), Shri Rakshit Gowda AIR802(2023),Shri Saurab Narendra AIR198(2022), Shri Sravan Kumar AIR222(2022),  Miss Netra Meti AIR 326 (2020) ,Shri Akshat Aayush AIR 106 (2021), Miss Garima AIR 220 (2021) and many more…

Course Schedule :

July 11th – July 14th  (3hours)PSIR Paper 1 Part A
July 15th– July 29th  (3hours)PSIR Paper 1 Part B
July 20th – July 24th (3hours)PSIR Paper 2 Part A
July 25th – July 28th (3hours)PSIR Paper 2 Part B


Features of the Course:

  • Duration : 48 hours
  • Mode : Online & Offline in Delhi
  • Value added material such as book reviews , examples , quotes & IR current affairs update to aspirants with regards PSIR will be provided
  • Personal mentorship by the faculty & one-one discussion will be key aspect of this course
  • This course will mainly benefit aspirants who will be writing 2024 Mains & those who have written multiple mains. Freshers are recommended to join our PSIR Batch 2 2025 class room programme that will be starting from 7th Aug 2024
  • There will be a limited intake of 40 students for this course. Preference will be given to those who are confident of clearing mains & first come first served basis                                 

Course will be valid till Mains 2024


For any queries contact,


Phone: 08069405205 (toll free)

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