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[Admissions Open] Insights IAS Agriculture Optional Test Series for Mains 2024 | Starts on 1st July 2024

Agriculture Mains Test Series 2024



Package 1 : Test Series Only

Fee: Rs. 9999/- incl. taxes

Package 2 : Test Series + I-ARI Classes [ Recorded]

Fee: Rs. 15000/- incl. taxes

Early Bird Offer: 10% discount till 1st July 2024



Dear Student,

We are excited to announce our comprehensive Agriculture Optional Test Series for UPSC CSE Mains 2024.

In the current trend, the UPSC optional subjects play a crucial role in determining who makes it to the selection list and who misses out by a narrow margin. Agriculture has proven to be a high-scoring optional subject. Candidates who prepare strategically can confidently expect to score at least 250+. As a technical subject, the questions tend to repeat each year. With proper guidance and consistent writing practice, scoring above 300 is achievable. The key to success lies in good writing practice, as there is no shortage of reading material for Agriculture optional. The following tables illustrate that, compared to other optional subjects, Agriculture significantly boosts the chances of making it to the selection list



The trend of questions asked over the years aims to evaluate aspirants’ understanding of basic concepts in the subject and their ability to present good content within limited time and space. However, recently, a few questions have been designed to test the depth of their knowledge.

For example, in 2016, a question on gene pyramiding and introgression was asked for 12.5 marks, and the same topic appeared again in 2020 for 15 marks. Despite the subtle differences between the two terms, answering such questions requires a deep understanding of the subject.

* A detailed analysis of the trend of questions will be provided later.

Agriculture optional success rate (as per UPSC annual report)

YearNo. of candidates appearedNo. of candidates clearedSuccess rate (%)



How test series address the demands:

  • Main intention of the test series is to guide you to complete optional syllabus within 60days for the Mains Exam 2024. It enables you to complete optional with 3 revisions
  • There is adequate time between two tests, which helps you to revise effectively
  • Test series will be focused to improve writing skills, especially structuring and presentation of concepts.
  • It will help you to tackle questions which tend to understand your depth of knowledge.
  • Each aspirant will have unique problem. Individual mentoring will give personalized solutions to aspirants.
  • Total of 12 quality tests, which are aligned with demand and trends of UPSC.

8 Sectional Tests + 4 Full Syllabus Tests

  • One on one discussion of answers will help you rectify issues in writing skills.
  • It will be helpful for aspirants appearing for Mains 2024 as well as 2025.

(Course Valid till January 2024)


By participating in the Agriculture Mains Test Series, you will not only improve your answer writing skills but also gain a significant edge in your optional subject preparation.

Join the Agriculture Mains Test Series with Insights IAS and take a decisive step towards achieving your UPSC goals. Your journey to success starts here!


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