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UPSC Mains Answer Writing Practice – Insights Mini SECURE: 22 June 2024

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Answer the following in 150 words (10 marks each):


General Studies – 1


1. Tribal revolts in India, driven by a multitude of factors, despite their failure, significantly raised awareness, inspired future resistance, and contributed to policy changes. Examine.

Reference: Indian ExpressInsights on India


2. Caste inequality remains a critical determinant of social and economic disparities, requiring targeted policies and inclusive growth efforts to address systemic discrimination and historical injustices. Examine.

Reference: Indian ExpressInsights on India


General Studies – 2


3. The Finance Commission ensures equitable financial distribution between the central and state governments, promoting balanced development and fiscal federalism. Examine.

Reference: Indian ExpressInsights on India


General Studies – 3


4. Gig workers face issues like job insecurity and lack of benefits, necessitating legal protections, fair wages, and social security to safeguard their rights. Analyse. 

Reference: Indian ExpressInsights on India


5. Evaluate the various benefits and risks associated with the Agnipath scheme. Suggest reforms that are needed in the scheme.

Reference: Indian Express


Answer the following questions in 250 words(15 marks each):

General Studies – 1


6. Meerabai significantly impacted the Bhakti movement through her devotional bhajans, challenging traditional gender roles and inspiring countless followers with her unwavering spiritual devotion. Discuss.

Reference: Indian ExpressInsights on India


General Studies – 2


7. India’s poor performance on the Global Gender Gap report is attributed to several factors. Improving political participation of women is pivotal for achieving gender equality and has far-reaching impacts on society. Discuss.

Reference: Down to Earth

8. The India-U.S. relationship, strong in strategic and economic ties, faces challenges like trade disputes and human rights concerns, requiring careful diplomacy to maintain resilience and mutual benefit. Analyse.

Reference: The HinduInsights on India


General Studies – 3


9. By addressing the root causes of accidents and implementing preventive measures, railway accidents in India can be significantly reduced, ensuring safer journeys for passengers and enhancing the overall efficiency of the rail network. Examine.

Reference: Indian ExpressInsights on India


10. Deforestation is continuing unabated and it needs a comprehensive strategy integrating sustainable economic and technological measures to harmonize development and environmental protection. Examine.

Reference: Down to EarthInsights on India



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