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Insights IAS Expected Cut-off of UPSC CSE Prelims 2024

Dear Students,

We hope you all have given your best in the Prelims exam 2024. Now, don’t stress too much about the cut-offs and marks. Worrying and regretting won’t change the result. Instead, focus on using your time wisely by beginning your preparation for the Mains, regardless of your scores. If your goal is to clear the exam, don’t give up now, even if things seem uncertain. Reflect on your mistakes and identify areas for improvement. Make a list of lessons learned from the exam; it will be beneficial in the long run.

We shall soon release detailed analysis of the Prelims Exam to help you analyze your thought process in the examination hall as well as the trend of the exam itself.


“Based on the analysis of the paper and the responses received in the poll and discussions with faculties and students,  we at Insights IAS believe that the expected cutoff marks in UPSC civil services preliminary exam-2024 for General Studies Paper -1 for the General Category (GM) would be between 85-87. In no case it will be above 90. We request anyone scoring above 85 under GM category should prepare for Mains-2024.

Similarly, expected Cutoff for various categories would be:
EWS – 78-80
OBC – 84-85
SC – 74-76
ST – 72-74

Wish you all the best.” – Vinay Sir


Vinay Sir has always been accurate about cut-off predictions as shown below:

YearPoll by InsightsIASCut-Off Prediction UPSC Cut-Off
20202020 Prelims Cut-off Prediction2020 Prelims Cut-off PredictionUPSC CSE 2020 Cut OffUPSC CSE 2020 Cut Off
20212021 Prelims Cut-off Poll2021 Prelims Cut-off Poll2021 Prelims Cut-off Prediction2021 Prelims Cut-off PredictionUPSC CSE 2021 Cut OffUPSC CSE 2021 Cut Off
20222022 Prelims Cut-off Poll2022 Prelims Cut-off Poll2022 Prelims Cut-off Prediction2022 Prelims Cut-off PredictionUPSC CSE 2022 Cut OffUPSC CSE 2022 Cut Off
20232023 Prelims Cut-off Prediction2023 Prelims Cut-off Prediction81.5 – 82.5 (announced in a video)UPSC CSE 2023 Cut OffUPSC CSE 2023 Cut Off


Irrespective of whether you have scored really well or on the border line, your preparation must continue to crack this exam in this or next attempt. Every bit of preparation you make, adds up and gives you an advantage.

We understand that you might not have practiced writing answers for the past 2 months and focused solely on Prelims Exam. You may be hesitant to start writing with a fear of writing not so good answers. All you need is a little motivation and a push to Start. Hence, we thought of introducing STEP UP FREE ALL INDIA MAINS TEST SERIES 2024 initiative early to motivate you to kick start your answer writing practice.


All the Best