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Defence Systems in News: Nagastra-1 and Iskander Missile

 Source: ET, HT

FeatureNagastra-1Iskander Missile
ContextIndian Army received the first batch of Nagastra-1 from Solar Industries, developed by Economic Explosives Ltd.Russia claimed to have struck the Ukrainian military airbase in Mirgorod.
DevelopmentIndigenous UAV-based munitions with over 75% domestic content.Road-mobile short-range ballistic missile system, service since 2006.
CapabilitiesHover, perform GPS-enabled precision strikes with 2-meter accuracy, and be safely recovered.Designed for tactical strikes on high-value land targets.
AltitudeDesigned for high-altitude operations above 4,500 meters.Not specified.
DetectionEvades radar detection; low acoustic signature.Employs manoeuvrable re-entry vehicles and decoys.
SurveillanceDay-night surveillance capabilities.Not specified.
OperationCapable of operating in extreme conditions.Uses inertial and optical guidance systems.
VariantsNot specified.Iskander-E: Range 280 km for export.

Iskander-K: Features a new cruise missile R-500 with a max range of 280 km.