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Phenome India-CSIR Health Cohort Knowledgebase (PI-CheCK) Project

Source: PIB

 Context: CSIR’s ‘Phenome India’ project, a pioneering longitudinal health monitoring initiative, has achieved its target of collecting 10,000 samples, marking a significant step towards precision medicine in India.

What is Precision Medicine?

Precision medicine refers to an approach to healthcare that tailors medical treatment and prevention strategies to the individual characteristics of each patient. This approach takes into account factors such as genetic makeup, lifestyle, environment, and other personal data to customize healthcare decisions. By considering individual variability, precision medicine aims to optimize treatment outcomes and minimize adverse effects, leading to more effective and personalized patient care.

The Phenome India-CSIR Health Cohort Knowledgebase (PI-CHeCK) project was launched in 2023 by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). It aims to assess risk factors in non-communicable diseases, particularly cardio-metabolic conditions, within the Indian population. It aligns with the vision of “Swasthya Bharat Viksit Bharat” by promoting health and wellness checks. Additionally, the project underscores CSIR’s dedication to advancing precision medicine through Predictive, Personalized, Participatory, and Preventive healthcare approaches.