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Tmesipteris oblanceolate

Context: The new Caledonian fern species, Tmesipteris oblanceolata, boasts the largest genome known to date at 160.45 billion base pairs (Gbp), surpassing previous records. This discovery sheds light on genomic gigantism and offers insights into evolutionary dynamics.


What are Genome? 

Genomes are the complete set of genetic material within an organism, including DNA sequences that encode its traits and functions. They serve as the blueprint for an organism’s development, growth, and behaviour.


About the fern species: 

Tmesipteris oblanceolata, with its 160 billion base pairs, surpasses the human genome by over 50 times. It’s part of an ancient plant lineage predating dinosaurs. Exclusive to New Caledonia and neighbouring Pacific islands, it flourishes on rainforest tree trunks and branches.

Source: Sci News