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Context: The use of microbial methane oxidation systems, specifically biocover utilizing fine fractions from landfill mining, presents a promising model for methane control.

What is Biocover? 

Biocovers are a type of methane oxidation system that utilizes the fine fraction material from landfill mining to effectively control methane emissions. These are porous material layers laid directly on top of a landfill which is then covered by an oxidizing layer of mature compost. It provides optimal conditions for methanotrophic (methane-utilizing) bacteria to thrive and act as biofilters, hence controlling methane emissions by converting methane to CO2.

The key points about biocovers are:

  1. They reduce methane emissions from landfills and dumpsites.
  2. The fine fraction material recovered from landfill mining is used to construct the biocover system. This fine fraction would otherwise be difficult to repurpose due to high contaminant levels.
  3. By using the fine fraction in the biocover, it provides a sustainable solution for methane control, especially for smaller to medium-sized landfills and dumpsites.
  4. This method shows promise for application in India’s over 3,000 legacy dumpsites, which continuously generate methane and are prone to fires, making effective methane control critical for climate change mitigation.
compost based biocover

Source: DTE