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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Insta 75 Days Revision Plan 2.0 for Prelims 2024


Dear Students,

Greetings from Insights IAS !

Most of you will be aware by now of the Insta 75 Days Revision Plan for UPSC CSE Prelims 2024, a FREE MCQ-based initiative to enhance your focus on the Prelims Exam 2024. This plan ensures multiple revisions, helps to enhance muscle memory, boosts confidence, and equips you for any unexpected challenges in the exam.

Since 12th March 2024 , we have been posting a test with 25 GS questions and 5 CSAT questions every day at 8pm according to the syllabus provided for the day and in line with the latest trends of UPSC CSE.

We are pleased to announce that, due to the change in the Prelims Exam date, we will be extending the 75 Days Prelims Revision plan until June 16, 2024. However, in the 75 Days Prelims Revision Plan 2.0, we will be giving 35 GS questions, subject-wise, and 5 CSAT questions every two days.

This initiative is designed to refine your preparation, enhance your performance, and increase your likelihood of success in the forthcoming examination.

Grab these extra days you have got for good revision.  Promise yourself that you will give it your ALL in the coming days . Use the resources well and march forward towards your dream.

We wish you the best 🙂