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[ ADMISSIONS OPEN ] REVAMPED Insta Prelims Test Series 2025 1.0 | Starts on 27th May 2024

Starts on: 27th May 2024



Special Early Bird Offer:

  • 15% OFF, valid till 28th May 2024 (Only for Prelims Test Series 1.0)
  • 10% OFF, valid till 5th June 2024

Old Subscriber Offer: 10% OFF


Fee Structure for IPM Test Series 2025 
Fee before DiscountDiscountFee after Discount
 Rs. 12,500/- incl. taxes


Special Early Bird Offer:

  • 15% OFF, valid till 28th May 2024
  • 10% OFF, valid till 5th June 2024

Old Subscriber Offer: 10% OFF


Fee for Prelims Test Series 2025 after 15% discount: Rs. 10,625/- incl. taxes




Fee for Prelims Test Series 2025 after 10% discount: Rs. 11,250/- incl. taxes


Dear student,

Welcome to Insights IAS – an institute that has been at the forefront of UPSC Civil Services Preparation since its inception, pioneering online learning and several other offline initiatives. Today, we are thrilled to present to you our highly anticipated and all-new Revamped Insta Prelims Test Series for the UPSC CSE 2025 exam. This year, the Prelims Test Series promises to be special.  We’ve incorporated numerous new features to align with the evolving patterns and trends of the UPSC CSE.


Our Prelims Test Series has been utilized by many toppers including Ramya R- Rank 45 UPSC CSE 2023, Jayashree Pradhan – Rank 52 UPSC CSE 2023, Rank 72 – Tanuj Pathak UPSC CSE 2023, Rank 96 – Vedika Bansal UPSC CSE 2023 among others. You can find the detailed list of toppers and courses subscribed HERE

“Having missed the bus by miles as far as Prelims 2018 was concerned, I set myself a clear goal. To ensure I get just as much was needed to cross the threshold, no more, no less. That meant reading a handful of sources multiple times over, practicing a mock test every week, reviewing the answer keys and further related reading. By May 2019, I had done multiple revisions of the standard books either on their own, or through a regular process of mock test review. This helped, in that, the days post Prelims 2019 were not uncertain – I had a reasonable sense of confidence at clearing.” – Jeydev CS(AIR 5 2019)


“I followed offline prelims test series of Insights and also, prelims cum mains integrated study plan that was given to core batch students. I scheduled my day in accordance with the test series timetable. After every test I used to check answers and read answer key in detail. Solutions given by Insights were detailed and helped me understand a topic in –depth. More importantly, research on the allied topics (through links provided in test solutions) helped me a lot (being inquisitive in learning pays one day). I used to score 130+ in Insights offline prelims tests. In CSP-2016, I could score 141+ in paper-1 due to extensive revision of these tests.”-  Nandini KR(AIR 1 2016)

These are just two of the several reviews of our acclaimed Prelims Test Series by toppers’.


Prelims has acquired a reputation lately- of being “unpredictable”, “random”, “lengthy”, and “very tough”. Aspirants struggle the most to overcome this dicey stage. We personally know several talented individuals who have seen several setbacks at this stage, despite their brilliance. Through our interactions with several thousands of students – we have learnt that clearing prelims is a skill that can be acquired and honed with deliberate and intense practice.


Lakhs of candidates appear for the prelims exam, a few thousands (around 9-11k) write mains and a few hundred clear the interview stage. That is scary indeed, right? But let’s not waste time thinking about our chances of clearing this coveted exam. Instead, let’s focus on HOW TO CLEAR each stage. It is possible- several aspirants like you have done it. There is a common thread that binds most of the successful aspirants-SYSTEMATIC PRACTICE, the RIGHT GUIDANCE, HARD-WORK & CONSISTENCY. Focusing on what could have led those few thousands of aspirants to make it successfully to the next round (Mains) has given us clarity about the demand of the exam and has enabled us to hone our approach towards it.


It is widely believed that the U in UPSC stands for “Unpredictable”- but to what extent is this true? Over the past few years, while the paper has become tougher, lengthier & more application-oriented, it hasn’t changed its essential flair. Certain subject-areas from which questions have been asked year after year, remain important, since these are the emerging areas that are of significant interest to a budding bureaucrat. Our analysis says that around 40-45 questions come directly from the basic sources (NCERTs). The remaining questions are analytical and it requires on the-spot-thinking, and application of skills such as identification and elimination.


So what sets an aspirant up for failure at the first stage?
    • Lack of Planning and Prioritization
    • Working hard but not in the right direction(It is a bottomless pit if one chooses to study everything available in the market)
    • Reading advanced material without first understanding basic concepts from NCERTs
    • Lack of Revision: Blindly solving numerous mock tests without analysis  Not learning from Mistakes
    • Not giving mock tests in exam-like conditions


What should Aspirants do?

Given the changing nature of the exam, and the increasing weightage of critical portions, you should follow a dynamic strategy:

    • Build Fundamentals: Read NCERT/Standard books
    • Build Awareness: Read the Hindu/IE and current affairs material
    • Build Knowledge base: Religiously attend a good test series year-round to add significantly to knowledge base and sharpen your preparation
    • Revision
The all-important Question: Why do you need a Test Series?
    • Efficient year-long schedule: You are not preparing for an ordinary exam, it is said to be the mother of all exams. Thus, it requires Discipline, Consistency & Planning. Schedules help you hold yourself accountable, stay calm, achieve milestones and eventually accomplish your goal..
    • Incremental Improvements: in every test. Make mistakes, analyze, learn from them
    • Build & Improve your skills: Elimination techniques, time-management. Nowadays the papers are more inclined towards testing your common sense through tricky, subjective and vague questions. Reading books and ready-made materials will give you lots of knowledge for sure, but they will not empower you with the necessary skills to clear this exam.To cultivate new skills and improve certain aspects you must have an integrated approach where you not only study, but also put to rigorous test what you study on a regular basis.
    • Limiting your sources and learning more from the MCQs: Given the limited time available to an aspirant, it is difficult to identify the critical areas and cover them holistically from multiple sources. This is where Learning from MCQs comes into picture. Our tests identify these areas for you & help you to learn by doing.
    • Regular tests: with a huge student base & live all-India rankings- will give you a fair idea of the fierce competition.
    • Thus, practice, analysis of performance, guidance and revision is the way forward. We have designed the Prelims test series to prepare you for any unconventional paper. Remember, it is not about how many tests you solve, but about familiarizing yourself with unpredictability (QUALITY>QUANTITY).



How do we prepare you for uncertainty?
    • Questions are set by an expert team who thoroughly analyze the previous trends, themes, current affairs and stats. The element of analysis for the statements are brought-in so that students may learn how to read between the lines
    • ADDITIONAL RESEARCH based questions on NCERTs & Current Affairs



When should you join a Test Series?

You must join test series programs from day one to prepare effectively for CSE-2025. Starting early gives you sufficient time to improve at your own pace – slowly but steadily. It gives you time to revise all tests multiple times and remember lots of relevant content for Prelims as well as for Mains-2025. We have noticed that those who start early and stay consistent will go on to clear this exam quickly (within 1-2 attempts). In the worst case scenario, many of the early starters at least write Mains in their first attempts, sometimes reaching the interview stage as well (if they finish Optional properly before prelims). Those who resort to solving tests in the end – just before prelims – find it difficult to clear this exam as it’s too much to digest at that moment. Moreover most aspirants panic because of the huge amount of materials that pile up by then.


Why Choose InsightsIAS Test Series?

Apart from the qualitative Test Series we provide, we are known to prepare aspirants for UNCERTAINTY. We teach you how to fish instead of spoon-feeding you with read-made dinner! Over the years, owing to our large experience, we at Insights have learnt many important lessons and skills to help you prepare productively, effectively and efficiently by instilling ultimate confidence in you. Our Right Guidance and your hard work will make the perfect recipe for your guaranteed success! We are proud and excited to have come up with unique features to help students not worry about their test series, mode of test series, performance analysis, performance tracker etc.,


Objective of the Insta Prelims Test Series:
    • To help aspirants acquire enormous knowledge,
    • develop skills to apply knowledge and tricks,
    • patiently tackle any kind of paper with confidence, stay in the race and come out with flying colors
    • Practice-Assessment-Learning is the only tried & tested method to tackle this uncertainty in the Prelims Exam with ultimate grit & confidence.


Take a virtual tour through our test series portal below:



You can as well go through the features available in the portal through the below link

Click Here for details of Features available in our portal for Prelims Test Series



FEATURES OF Prelims Test Series:


Systematic Completion of the SyllabusThe Prelims tests are designed to help in systematic completion of the syllabus of 4 General Studies papers+ Essay + CSAT, through regular tests.
Revision through RepetitionThe timetable has been drafted carefully keeping in mind the dynamic demands of the exam and also to ensure you complete the entire syllabus with 4 revisions.
Mini-Tests and FLTsMini-Tests of duration 1 hour are also included in Round 1. This will help you improve in an incremental manner
67 Tests in TotalPrelims: 67 Tests (51 GS + 16 CSAT)  

23 Mini Tests + 28 Full Length GS Tests

Evaluation & ResultsStudents taking the test in the offline mode as well as online mode will get a comprehensive graphical analysis of their performance in their course portal
SynopsisDetailed, well-researched synopsis will be made available for all the tests. (Only softcopy will be provided)
Orientation & Strategy sessionsWill provide the right guidance & clarity regarding every subject, test syllabus and booklists. These discussions will give a precise roadmap for your preparation for every subject.
FlexibilityTests can be taken up any time before the PRELIMS 2025 and also in either offline mode and online mode.
Solution discussion videosRecorded videos of GS test discussions will be provided
Guidance over ZOOM SESSIONS every 15 daysTo ensure our test series students are progressing well, we’ll conduct Zoom sessions every 15 days led by Subject Matter Experts. These sessions will allow us to monitor their progress, address difficulties, and provide feedback.
Doubts Clarification on DISQUS platformA dedicated team will be available to clear all your doubts on the tests within 24 hours.
Value Added MaterialThe PRIME Magazine (soft copy) will be provided FREE of cost from May 2024 to April 2025.
Insta Preparatory ClassesPrevious Years’ UPSC Papers + Discussion & Strategy Videos.

Before the start of the Simulation Round, we will be providing classes with tips and techniques for scoring well in prelims and other strategy classes.

Detailed Analytical Assessment SystemWe have brought in the widest analytics for post-test analysis. Your portal itself will be your guide for improvement in your performance – you can analyze your strengths & weaknesses, subjects to work upon, skills to work upon, Question Paper analysis based on categories and difficulty level, getAll India Rank, get Your scorecard & Leader board, etc.,



New Features of the Revamped PRELIMS Test Series 2025:

1.       Focus as per the weightage: Subjects are ordered as per their weightage in the UPSC Exam.

2.       Incremental Improvement: Start with Mini-tests and proceed with FLTs for every subject

3.       Group Mentorship for students writing on the scheduled date

4.       Orientation sessions for all the subjects will be provided well before the subject begins



  • INSTANT RESULTS of prelims tests


What matters is your success – for you and us. Merely joining the Revamped IPM Test Series will not make you clear the exam. We will provide all the resources and support possible. But it is up to you- how resourceful you are & how well you choose to utilize our services and guidance. We want you to join our Insights IAS family ONLY if you are 100% committed to your goals. We want dedicated individuals who are willing to work hard. Insights IAS will be your faithful companion till your last step in this marathon journey.

“There is only 1 way to bridge the perceived gap between a person and his/her/their greatest dreams, and that is TO BEGIN!”- Richie Norton

Take the first step; make a decision that will change the trajectory of your life! Join us and work smartly to fulfill your dream. We eagerly look forward to welcoming you onboard as our student soon.  Come visit us, your dream is worth pursuing.



Terms and conditions:

  • Fees once paid is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Insights IAS reserves all the rights to make any changes to the test series like schedule of the test series etc.
  • At any point of time, subscription will not carry forward to next series even if the subscriber doesn’t write a single test under the subscribed test series package.
  • Course is Valid till PRELIMS 2025



For any queries contact,

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Contact: 08069405205 (toll free)

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