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Facts for Prelims (FFP)


Report TitleKey Points
‘Enabling a Circular Economy in India’s Solar Industry: Assessing the Solar Waste Quantum’Developed by MNRE and CEEW under NITI Aayog’s Action Plan for CE – Solar Panels
India’s 66.7 GW capacity (FY23) has generated about 100 kt of waste, increasing to 600 kt by 2030
Solar wastes contain critical minerals like silicon, copper, etc., toxic metals like lead and cadmium, and metals with high economic value
Recommendations include database maintenance, recycling promotion, and technology innovation
Unicorn 2.0: Adding the Next Trillion ReportReleased by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), assesses Unicorn 1.0 impact and outlines Unicorn 2.0 vision.
Unicorn 1.0 (2010-2023) contributed 10-15% to GDP, had 100+ unicorns, and improved inclusivity and sustainability
Unicorn 2.0 (2024-35) aims to add $1 trillion to GDP with shifts like leading startups, innovation focus, and governance improvements
Global Trade UpdateReleased by UNCTAD, reports a 14% rise in services exports and a 6% decline in goods export from India in 2023
Forecasts rebound in international trade in 2024
Warns of logistical challenges like shipping disruptions in the Red Sea, Black Sea, etc., affecting costs and supply chains