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Mudumalai Tiger Reserve  



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 Context: The first-ever herpetofaunal survey in Mudumalai Tiger Reserve recorded 82 species of reptiles and amphibians. Conducted in February, it covered Theppakadu, Kargudi, and Nilakottai forest ranges.

Aim: The survey aimed to estimate the region’s diversity and aid conservation efforts. It identified species like the Indian rock python and mugger crocodile, guiding species-specific conservation plans.


What is herpetofaunal survey?

A herpetofaunal survey is a systematic study conducted to document and assess the diversity, distribution, abundance, and ecology of reptiles and amphibians within a specific geographical area.


About Mudumalai Tiger Reserve 

Mudumalai Tiger Reserve is located in the Nilgiris District of Tamil Nadu state at the tri-junction of three states, viz, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. It is a part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve (1st Biosphere Reserve in India). The Reserve has tall grasses, commonly referred to as ‘Elephant Grass’