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Volt Typhoon

Facts for Prelims (FFP)


Source: BBC, Reuters

 Context: The U.S. government has initiated an operation against a pervasive Chinese hacking network called Volt Typhoon, compromising numerous internet-connected devices.

  • The Justice Department and FBI have obtained legal authorization to remotely disable aspects of the hacking campaign, which has raised concerns about compromising Western critical infrastructure.
  • Intelligence officials fear the hacking group could target naval ports, internet service providers, and utilities, and potentially impact U.S. military operations in the Indo-Pacific region, especially in case of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan.
  • The Chinese government denies the allegations, calling them groundless and irresponsible.


About Volt Typhoon:

  • The Volt Typhoon campaign, first identified in May 2023, expanded its operations and modified techniques, prompting the U.S. to seek assistance from private technology companies.
  • Volt Typhoon employs a botnet of vulnerable digital devices globally to conceal downstream attacks into sensitive targets, making it challenging for cyber defenders to detect foreign footprints