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Black-crowned night heron

Facts for Prelims (FFP)


Source: ABP News

 Context: The black-crowned night heron, locally known as ‘Chongkhu,’ that landed in Manipur and later died was banded at the Weishan Bird Banding Station in Beijing, China.

  • Despite the bird’s unfortunate death, the collaboration emphasizes the significance of global initiatives in tracking and preserving migratory species


About Black-crowned night heron:

The black-crowned night heron, known locally as ‘Chongkhu’ in Manipur, is a medium-sized species belonging to the heron family found in various parts of the world.

They prefer freshwater wetlands like swamps, marshes, and rice paddies, and are mainly nocturnal birds that feed on fish, frogs, insects, and other small animals.

These solitary hunters use sharp beaks to spear prey in shallow water.

Some populations are migratory, travelling long distances between breeding and wintering grounds.

The global population of black-crowned night herons is considered stable, classified as Least Concern by the IUCN, but they face threats such as habitat loss, pollution, and hunting.