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Stone inscriptions of Grantham

Facts for Prelims (FFP)


Source: TH

 Context: A research team from Tamil Nadu has discovered two stone inscriptions near Kangayam in Tamil Nadu.

  • The inscriptions include an 11th-century Grantham and a 16th-century Tamil inscription.


About Grantham Inscriptions:

  • The Grantham inscriptions, created by Tamils for writing the North Indian language, were found near the Amman shrine inside the Siva Temple.
  • The stone, bears graffiti marks and writings on all four sides, depicting symbols such as standing lamps, ‘Trishul,’ conch, and moon symbols.


About Tamil inscription found:

  • The 16th-century Tamil inscription, found inside the Vishnu temple, provides historical details about pottery-making and a donation for lighting the perpetual lamp in the temple.