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Gallantry awards

Facts for Prelims (FFP)


Source: PIB

 Context: The President has approved Gallantry awards for 80 Armed Forces personnel, including 12 posthumous honours, on the eve of the 75th Republic Day.

  • These awards comprise six Kirti Chakras (three posthumous), 16 Shaurya Chakras (two posthumous), 53 Sena Medals (seven posthumous), one Nao Sena Medal (Gallantry), and four Vayu Sena Medals (Gallantry).


About Gallantry awards

They are announced twice a year (on Republic Day and Independence Day).  Gallantry awards are honours conferred upon individuals, particularly members of the military or security forces, for acts of exceptional bravery, courage, and valour displayed in the face of danger or during active combat.