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Free Movement Regime (FMR) with Myanmar



Source: TH

 Context: The Indian government is considering reevaluating the Free Movement Regime (FMR) agreement with Myanmar, which allows residents along the India-Myanmar border to travel up to 16 km inside each other’s country without a visa.


What is FMR?

FMR, implemented in 2018, the Free Movement Regime (FMR) permits residents on both sides of the 1,643 km India-Myanmar border to travel up to 16 km into each other’s territory without a visa. This requires a border pass with one-year validity, allowing a two-week stay. The border spans four states: Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland, and Arunachal Pradesh.

The India-Myanmar border is a 1,643-kilometer international boundary running from the tripoint with China in the north to the tripoint with Bangladesh in the south. The trijunction between India, China, and Myanmar is yet to be agreed upon, with the de facto tripoint located just north of the Diphu Pass. The border traverses various geographical features, including the Mishmi Hills, Patkai, Kassom Ranges, Tiau River, and Chin Hills, before reaching the Bangladeshi tripoint through irregular lines.