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Nuclear Battery

Facts for Prelims (FFP)


Source: DH

 Context: Chinese startup Betavolt has developed a “nuclear battery” that can produce power for 50 years without charge.

The battery, which is smaller than a coin, contains 63 nuclear isotopes and converts radioisotope energy into electrical energy. Betavolt claims it is the world’s first battery to achieve miniaturization of atomic energy production, challenging traditional notions of nuclear technology.

Such batteries use energy from the decay of a radioactive isotope (Like nickel-63) to generate electricity. Unlike nuclear reactors, they do not rely upon nuclear fission for power generation.

Application: The company plans to produce batteries with 1 watt of power by 2025 and sees applications in aerospace, AI equipment, medical devices, microprocessors, sensors, drones, and micro-robots. The nuclear battery is fire-resistant, jerk-proof, and operational in temperatures from -60°C to 120°C.