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[MISSION 2024] Mini Secure Revision Test: 20 January 2023


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Answer the following questions in 150 words:

General Studies – 1


1. Conserving groundwater and ensuring its sustainable use is crucial for maintaining water security and preventing the depletion of this vital resource. Discuss.

Reference: Indian ExpressInsights on India


2. In detail, explain the mechanism behind formation of fog. What are the various factors that aid the formation of smog and its impact?

Reference: Indian Express. ,  Insights on India


General Studies – 2


3. Critically examine the trends in poverty in India over the past decade and assess whether the poverty alleviation efforts have yielded dividends.

Reference: Live Mint


General Studies – 3


4. What is trade deficit? Examine its implications on the Indian economy and measures needed to keep deficit within acceptable limits.

Reference: Indian Express/


5. The long-term sustainability of ecosystems is threatened when invasive species alter fundamental ecological processes and lead to the degradation of natural habitats. Analyse.

Reference: Down to Earth Insights on India


Answer the following questions in 250 words(15 marks each):

General Studies – 1


6. Social inequality and economic inequality are often interconnected, and when economic disparities are added to existing social inequalities, the overall impact can exacerbate the challenges faced by marginalized groups. Analyse.

Reference: Indian Express.

General Studies – 2


7. India and Bangladesh have made strides in enhancing their overall relationship, yet certain challenges persist. Ongoing efforts in diplomatic dialogues and negotiations will likely play a crucial role in addressing these issues and fostering further cooperation between the two countries. Examine.

Reference: The Hindu

8. Bridging the economic disparities between developed and developing countries to foster more inclusive and sustainable global trade is a major issue that World Trade Organization (WTO) must address.

Reference: Indian Express

General Studies – 3


9. The gene-editing technology has opened up a vast window of opportunities in the recent years. Explain briefly what gene editing technology is with its potential applications in various fields.

Reference: Live Mint


10. Climate-resilient systems incorporate adaptive strategies to cope with the changing climate. This includes the use of climate-smart agricultural practices that are responsive to variations in temperature, precipitation, and extreme weather events. Discuss.

Reference: The Hindu

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