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Vulture restaurant in Jharkhand

Facts for Prelims (FFP)


Source: Financial Express

  Context: In Jharkhand, a ‘Vulture Restaurant’ has been established in Koderma district as part of a conservation effort to address the declining vulture population.

  • The initiative aims to combat the impact of livestock drugs, particularly diclofenac, on vultures.
  • The restaurant serves as a designated feeding site for vultures, awaiting the completion of protocols for diclofenac-free carcasses.


About Vultures:

It is one of the 22 species of large carrion-eating birds that live predominantly in the tropics and subtropics.

They act an important function as nature’s garbage collectors and help to keep the environment clean of waste.

 India is home to 9 species of Vulture namely the Oriental white-backed, Long-billed, Slender-billed, Himalayan, Red-headed, Egyptian, Bearded, Cinereous and the Eurasian Griffon.

Bearded, Long-billed, Slender-billed, Oriental white-backed are protected in the Schedule-1 of the Wildlife Protection Act 1972. Rest are protected under ‘Schedule IV’.