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Kadamba Dynasty

Facts for Prelims (FFP)


Source: TH

 Context: An inscription believed to be from the 10th century A.D. Kadamba period, written in Kannada and Sanskrit, has been discovered in the Mahadeva temple at Cacoda in southern Goa.

  • The inscription commemorates the death of Gundayya, son of Talara Nevayya, who fought and died fulfilling his father’s desire to capture a gopura of the port of Goa.


About Kadambas of Goa:

  • The Kadambas of Goa were originally subordinates of the Chalukyas of Kalyana, a powerful dynasty in medieval India.
  • Kadamba Shasthadeva, a prominent figure among the Kadambas, was appointed as the mahamandaleshwara of Goa by Chalukyan emperor Tailapa II.
  • Kadamba Shasthadeva, in alliance with the Chalukyas, achieved military success by overthrowing the Rashtrakutas.
  • He conquered the city of Chandavara in 960 A.D. and later expanded his conquests to the port of Gopakapattana, which is the present-day Goa.